What's Your Birth Story?

As I prepare, both physically and mentally, for the birth of this baby in 5+ weeks, I reflected on my son's birth and decided to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy and can experience an empowering birth of your own. 

Birth is a beautiful thing. It’s a moment in time when women realize their true potential and what’s physically possible in this world. It’s not a diagnosis or a procedure, but an event that shapes our being from that moment on. I once heard that women leave their bodies during birth to ascend into the spiritual world to get their babies, and only then do they return to their physical bodies. I can attest to that feeling during the birth of my son. I don’t fully recall my birth and feel like it was a moment in time. A snapshot that could be captured by a single photo. Not because I was medicated and unaware, but because I was channeling my inner being. Focusing on my body’s amazing ability to give life and bring a beautiful new spirit into this world.

Birth is empowering and should be an empowering process for all women. It’s a joyous time that should be celebrated, not a time to make decisions based on fear. Many women blindly follow their provider’s recommendations without asking the most important questions--Why? How? When? Where?  I encourage you to ask questions, be inquisitive, and advocate for both you and your baby’s health. Be proactive and don’t just accept your provider’s recommendations at face value.  There’s always another side and a different perspective. The only way to truly feel empowered is to be educated about your health choices.  And that must come through self-study, discipline, and the desire to have an empowering birth that sets you free.

I’m not here to tell you WHAT kind of birth you should have. I’m not here to decide WHERE or WHEN you should birth your baby. I’m not here to determine whether you should have a natural, un-medicated birth or a scheduled C-section. That’s the glory of the birthing process, it’s all up to YOU and your body!  Your body is innately intelligent. The knowledge and power to create life is inborn and should not be challenged with outside measures. Our only job is to provide it with an optimal environment to create a healthy, beautiful baby.

Your birth is your choice, and you should feel empowered to have the birth of your dreams.